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Thursday, November 02, 2006

At the DownsizeDC Blog

I have two new posts at DownsizeDC.org: Cornyn the Orwellian and Separating Church and State. Excerpts of the latter:
In truth, you can't have religious freedom without both personal freedom and economic freedom. The State tells you that you have religious freedom, but then the State imposes its own rules on you: what you can eat, what drugs you can take, which doctors you can see, who you can and cannot marry, how you raise your children, where and when you can operate your business. It imposes discrimination laws on you when you might want to give preference to fellow members of your church. It taxes you less for some of your economic and lifestyle decisions, and taxes you more for some others. It teaches your children things you might believe are untrue, supports “art” you might find immoral, and scientific research you may think is unethical.
The Separation of Church and State is only possible with downsized government. That is, if we are to separate Church and State, we'll also have to separate School and State, Parenthood and State, Science and State, Medicine and State, Art and State, Charity and State, and Market and State. Otherwise, the “separation of Church and State” is meaningless rhetoric.

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