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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Malaysia to levy fines for poor speech

That's according to Yahoo.

Malaysia is supposedly a tolerant, moderate, modern Moslem country. But there is an arrogant delusion within modernism. Yes, religious fundamentalism is cruel, backward, and primitive. Yes, it should be defeated wherever it's in power. Yes, it is good that Malaysia isn't under such extreme authoritarianism. But that is what makes laws such as this all the less excusable.

Country A is an autocracy where alleged adulteresses are stoned. Country B is an "enlightened" democracy, and doesn't do such things. Instead, it just regulates everything we do and say. The tyranny of country B may not be quite so obvious, but it's no less real.


  1. Tyranny indeed, thought and speech police might be the worst of them all

  2. They're fucking hypocrites. Even the malay ministers routinely mangled their own bloody language and they have the nerve to fine advertising and media company for misusing the language.