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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fair and Balanced

I cracked up watching ABC Evening News with Charlie Gibson last night. The lead-off story was how the Iraq War was going to give Democrats the victory in November. There was analyis from ABC correspondent and former Clinton aide George Stephanapolous. The poll numbers were broad, as if a Democratic lead nationwide would lead to Democratic victories district-by-district. This report was followed by a fluff piece on Barack Obama's possible run for the Presidency in 2008.

Later on was a report on the latest liberal cause, the situation in Darfur, in which 200,000 have reportedly died so far (although that seemed to be the number last year, and the year before that...).

People hate Fox News for its pro-Bush stance, but last night on ABC at least, the "liberal media" was really strutting its stuff.

Speaking of Obama, I think that if he wants to be President, he should run in 2008. He might lose in the primaries because he'll be slammed for inexperience, but it will increase his chances of a Vice Presidential nod. And in any case, he could build a base for a later run, such as in 2012 or 2016.

This doesn't mean I like him or will vote for him, I'm just saying that if I were him I would run.

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