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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Evangelical Suckers

Former Faith-Based Initiative staffer's David Kuo's bitter appearence on 60 Minutes this past Sunday has awakened some Christians to the cynicism of the Bush Administration. William H. Calhoun writes in the PO how p.o.'d he is. In the Chattanoogan, Greg Cain wants Christians to leave the GOP and form a new party (ht: Mike Tuggle). And Chuck Baldwin, who saw through Bush years ago, writes:
From the cover-up of Congressman Mark Foley's debauchery (a cover-up that continues), to federal spending that is out-of-control, to an unprovoked, preemptive invasion against Iraq, to the "No Child Left Behind" education monstrosity, to the Patriot Act's decimation of the Fourth Amendment, to the building of an Orwellian surveillance society, the Bush administration has trampled on virtually every principle upon which America was founded.

No matter how badly evangelical Christians want to believe President Bush, no matter how desperately they want to enjoy access to the White House, no matter how deeply they feel obligated to support the Republican Party, it is time to face the truth that the GOP's only interest has been to use them for the simple purpose of winning elections.

Because the Democrats are the Abortion Party, many evangelicals (except intellectually honest ones like Baldwin) have lined up behind the Torture Party. This politicization disgraces and discredits evangelicalism.

Christians would be better off if they rejected coercion, the political means, entirely. If Christianity can not survive without the State, it doesn't deserve to survive at all.

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