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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Evangelical Suckers For Darfur

Further proof that "evangelicalism" is closely related to authoritarianism and coercion, a coalition of state idolators from both the left and the right have a site pressuring Bush to intervene in Darfur. I made some remarks on Christians and Darfur at the Partial Observer last spring, but I will repeat and add some points:

1. George W. Bush has no moral standing to lead the United Nations on this issue. His illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq arguably led to more deaths than have been suffered in the Sudanese war.

2. A peacekeeping force can only work when there's a negotiated peace in place and borders for it to patrol. That is, a peacekeeping force can only keep the peace; it can not end the war. Imagine the UN sending a "peacekeeping force" to Iraq. It would be a farce.

3. American leadership will be perceived as a Christians-against-Muslims issue, further complicating diplomatic efforts and the "War on Terrorism."

4. American leadership will also be perceived as imperialist.

5. The issue involves Africans and Arabs, not Americans. Aside from Sudanese oil, there doesn't appear to be any strategic interest for America.

6. Americans didn't start this war, and we're not obliged to end it. It's none of our business.

7. Christian Americans who want to end this war should go over there. They shouldn't force other Americans to support their cause.

8. From Somalia to Iraq, it is clear that the American military really sucks at occupation.

9. Economic sanctions are an immoral limitation of freedom on American business.

10. There is nothing for America to gain, and a lot to lose, by intervening.

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  1. Darfur is part of the human family.

    Genocide is the greatest crime possible against that family.

    Are we not part of that family?

    I want to be. I am.