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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Stupid Option

As I noted the other day, perhaps the political leaders in the American-Israel axis really are just stupid, rather than criminal or crazy.

From James Bovard at the Antiwar.com blog:

Today’s New York Times reveals that George W. Bush is deeply disappointed that the Iraqi people have “not shown greater support for the American mission.”

One person who attended a meeting of Bush’s “war cabinet” on Monday commented on Bush’s reaction: “I sensed a frustration with the lack of progress on the bigger picture of Iraq generally — that we continue to lose a lot of lives, it continues to sap our budget. The president wants the people in Iraq to get more on board to bring success.”


One professor who attended (and who is getting money from the U.S. State Department) said that Bush expressed the view that “the Shia-led government needs to clearly and publicly express the same appreciation for United States efforts and sacrifices as they do in private.”


Bush was apparently especially upset that a recent rally in support of Hezbollah in Baghdad drew 10,000 people. One person at the meeting commented that Bush “was frustrated about why 10,000 Shiites would go into the streets and demonstrate against the United States.”

Maybe Bush was confounded that Iraqis are too stupid to recognize that America’s ally, Israel, was using U.S. bombs to kill Lebanese civilians solely in the cause of Bush’s “forward strategy of freedom.”

Bush doesn't know anything, and understands less. Yet he continues to think war is the solution to all problems. One almost wishes we were in Iraq to steal the oil.

It is easy to say, "Well, what do YOU know? You don't know what it's like to be President!" That's true, but if I you were President, would you oversimplify like Bush does? Would you be this naive? Considering what you didn't know in 2003, would you have invaded Iraq?

The problem is, Bush doesn't seem to care that he doesn't know. But I guess that's an argument that he's crazy.

He's probably all three: crazy, stupid, and criminal.

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  1. It's not just what he doesn't know, but, as Mark Twain might say, what he does know that just ain't so.