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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Proof of the Planned Globalist Takeover

The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America doesn't reside in the imagination of a paranoid wacko, it is a government website. Here's a look at some of the "Prosperity Agenda," with my comments interspersed:

To enhance the competitive position of North American industries in the global marketplace and to provide greater economic opportunity for all of our societies, while maintaining high standards of health and safety for our people, the United States, Mexico, and Canada will work together, and in consultation with stakeholders [stakeholders?! Do they mean private property owners?], to:

Improve Productivity

* Regulatory Cooperation to Generate Growth

o Lower costs for North American businesses, producers, and consumers and maximize trade in goods and services across our borders by striving to ensure compatibility of regulations and standards and eliminating redundant testing and certification requirements. [i.e., make local and national laws subordinate to the decrees of an unelected international body]

o Strengthen regulatory cooperation, including at the onset of the regulatory process, to minimize barriers.

A more efficient route, if efficiency and prosperity were the intentions here, would be to let each country remain free to de-regulate their industries.

* Sectoral Collaboration to Facilitate Business

o Explore new approaches to enhance the competitiveness of North American industries by promoting greater cooperation in sectors such as autos, steel, and other sectors identified through consultations.

Does this mean promoting cartelization?

o Strengthen North America's energy markets by working together, according to our respective legal frameworks, to increase reliable energy supplies for the region's needs and development, by facilitating investment in energy infrastructure, technology improvements, production and reliable delivery of energy; by enhancing cooperation to identify and utilize best practices, and to streamline and update regulations; and by promoting energy efficiency, conservation, and technologies such as clean coal, carbon capture and storage, hydrogen and renewable energy.

Five simple solutions: 1)governments, to the extent they tax at all, should tax natural resource extraction and site values. 2)De-regulate the energy sector. 3) Patent reforms, so that individuals and industry are free to invent and innovate in the free market

o Improve the safety and efficiency of North America's transportation system by expanding market access, facilitating multimodal corridors, reducing congestion, and alleviating bottlenecks at the border that inhibit growth and threaten our quality of life (e.g., expand air services agreements, increase airspace capacity, initiate an Aviation Safety Agreement process, pursue smart border information technology initiatives, ensure compatibility of regulations and standards in areas such as statistics, motor carrier and rail safety, and working with responsible jurisdictions, develop mechanisms for enhanced road infrastructure planning, including an inventory of border transportation infrastructure in major corridors and public-private financing instruments for border projects).

Does this mean that the government is going to "privatize" roads by giving them away and letting big business collect the profits through tolls?

o Work towards the freer flow of capital and the efficient provision of financial services throughout North America (e.g., facilitate cross-border electronic access to stock exchanges without compromising investor protection, further collaboration on training programs for bank, insurance and securities regulators and supervisors, seek ways to improve convenience and cost of insurance coverage for carriers engaged in cross border commerce).

Make it easier for government to spy on our activities.

o Stimulate and accelerate cross-border technology trade by preventing unnecessary barriers from being erected (e.g., agree on mutual recognition of technical requirements for telecommunications equipment, tests and certification; adopt a framework of common principles for e-commerce).

Again, replace local and national laws with the decrees of an unelected national body.

Jerome Corsi, among others, believes that these plans, which will establish a North American Union (NAU) will be imposed not even through the consent of Congress, but through unelected regulatory agencies within the executive branch.

Chuck Baldwin is right: Bush surrendering the sovereignty of the United States, and every other issue, such as immigration, should be understood within this context.

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