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Friday, July 07, 2006

The "Other Party" Candidate

Libertarian Jason tells us that Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Bill Peirce is officially on the ballot in Ohio. However, "The Libertarian Party of Ohio was not recognized by Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, so Peirce will be listed on the ballot as 'Other Party.'"

I wonder if this will actually help. In any case, I like Dr. Peirce's (a professor of economics) plans, especially this:
Reform the property tax to exempt homes and other improvements. This will allow market forces to improve private development without eminent domain and stop penalizing property owners for improving their land.

Pierce seems to offer reasonable, common-sense solutions for Ohio, which would at the same time move the state toward greater freedom and less government. It reminds me of some things Tom Knapp wrote of recently in his introduction of the Boston Tea Party. Peirce may not be purist, but at least principled. Meanwhile, his approach seems to be both big tent and incremental. I wish him the best of luck.

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