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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Not On My Dime

This is my latest piece at LewRockwell.com, and the first in many months. Its topics are the same as my two most recent Partial Observer articles (here and here). Excerpt:
Proportionality is an interesting question. Three men are at your door. They ask for $10 from each member of your household. What for? They say it’s for the security of a country the size of Massachusetts half the world away. You ask, "Why?"

The first man responds, "What are you, a bigot?"

The second says, "What are you, an ISOLATIONIST? Don’t you believe in DEMOCRACY? Do you support the TERRORISTS?"

And the third chimes in, "Don’t you want Jesus to come back?"

You politely decline. They say they’ll come back, this time with guns.

What’s "proportionality" in that case? Is it okay to shoot them right then over the $10, or only when the robbery actually takes place? Tough questions.

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  1. I am going to make the argument, to those people who support embryonic stem cell research, that the other issue here was the use of federal funds for these purposes.

    (I personally oppose that type of research, but I want to make the argument to people that even if they support it, they should oppose the proposed programs.)

    Your article is helpful, as something I can use as an example of someone who supports embryonic stem cell research, but who concurs with the opposition to the proposed legislation.

    (Wasn't it about time that our President vetoed a spending bill?!)