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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

My Very First Veto!

Yes, most Presidents learn to veto within 1-2 years of their Presidency, and it took George WMD Bush five and a half. Still, it's a good first step.

Although I have problems with the reasoning behind the veto, WMD is right that Americans shouldn't pay for the destruction of human embryoes. I will elaborate tomorrow in my Partial Observer column, which will be called The Separation of Science and State.

This may be a political "win-win" for both WMD and the unprincipled, slimeball Congressional Republicans who support this stem cell research. If WMD signed this, he would have lost any respect that still exists for him among his Religious Right base, which meant he would have lost everyone. Yet, many Congressional Republicans can distance themselves from the Religious Right; this "move to the center" may help them politically in November.

And to all of you who want to take money from the American people at gunpoint to pay for your science projects of choice, grow up. It's not your money. Pay for the research yourself!

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  1. Er, Jim - the reality is that no research currently goes on in science on government money - they already know everything. Ask them. They will be happy to expound to you how much they know. The entire state educational system imparts this fabrication and the state gives R&D credit to businesses that bury patents, while allowing university professors to hide behind the fact that they are not doing anything of any significance at all by colluding with industry in this patent chase. At least before the rules changed in 1995, the science professors pretended to be interested in serving as public watchdogs on science. I have been totally taken by the fact that two of the last four Science magazine covers trumpeted new 'discoveries' that were common knowledge applications to researchers in the early 1980s, when i did my graduate work. Nothing new is allowed today - first one to the novel paradigm gets Galileo Galilee's fate.