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Monday, July 31, 2006

McCain's Son to Become Imperial Stormtrooper

What sets John McCain apart from most politicians is that they're usually in it primarily for the plunder and fame; for McCain, however, the central government really is his God; Statism is his religion. That's not to say that plunder and fame are not also motives for him. But unlike the chicken-hawks, McCain really did put his life on the line "for his country," even in an evil and pointless war. And now his son is ready to do the same.

So I'll give John McCain this much: he apparently raised his kids to embrace his values, which I guess is one way of defining a good parent. Pretty awful values, though.

I'll also note that if Jimmy McCain wants a political career for himself, this is a good career move. Just as John is set apart from today's chickenhawks, so would Jimmy be set apart from the chickenhawks of the future.

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