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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Dumbocracy Watch: Kareem Elnahal, American Hero

A high school valedictorian is kicked off the stage for telling the truth (ht: LRC).

UPDATE: Immediately after posting this and checking the links, I see that the article went from open to "registration required." Stephen Carson at LRC had pasted the essentials, so I would go there.


  1. This valordictorian is right on - i hope to find kids like that who perservere despite the odds. The system beats the will to think out of the very young - we have to achieve opportunity - where preparation meets luck.

    I wish to discuss independent politics with you - can i schedule a time where you can meet me in my on-line office. I'd also like to invite other bloggers in - jomama,sunni, vache folle, adem kupi, wally conger and anyone else that might wish to say hello. i am playing with a technology that is being upgraded and i could use some tactical feedback, especially if we wish to take action rather than just blog. (ooh - did i feel the willies of the PTB tingle from that statement)

  2. That sounds interesting. It is most likely that aside from Wednesday afternoons I would be available.