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Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Nazi Means

Via Vache Folle and Unqualified Offerings, this:
June 2, 2006 - There was bitter custody battle Friday in a Valley courtroom with two young white supremacists at the center of it all. The twins have gained national attention for their hate-filled concerts.
The parents of the Gaede twins have been in a bitter custody dispute. The girls' father thinks they are being poisoned by their mother, a self-professed white seperatist.

The battle over the twins came to a head Friday inside a Fresno courtroom.

The father of the girls admits he hasn't been the best dad and wanted a second chance, but the judge ruled the Gaede twins would remain in the custody of their mother, the woman who manages their career as a white separatist singing group.

They've been billed as a valuable recruiting tool for the white nationalist movement.

Lynxe and Lamb Gaede — the 13-year-old twins from Fresno County — perform at white supremacist gatherings around the country. Together, they are called "Prussian Blue" and are managed by their mother, April Gaede.

It's a relief that holding unpopular beliefs does not disqualify a mother from raising her children. Are they harmed by learning and spreading white nationalism? Maybe, but just about any set of beliefs and values can potentially screw up any child. I wonder if being "well adjusted," or being rebellious, or becoming confused and crazy, are innate qualities that have little to do with religious or political dogma. Do I agree with the principles of white nationalism/supremacism? Of course not, but that doesn't mean the freedoms of those who do hold them should be denied. After all, censorship, prohibition, wealth redistribution, and aggressive war have all been, and continue to be, justified by the Christian faith. That doesn't mean we should take children away from Christian parents.

Had these girls been stolen from their mother by court order, the judge would have, in essence, employed Nazi means to achieve anti-Nazi ends. The logic is, we must take deny people their beliefs and lifestyles if we perceive them to be a "threat." Nazi beliefs are such a supposed threat.

People who employ the Nazi means are everywhere. In the name of tolerance, they limit the freedom of speech of those whose speech might be "offensive." In the name of democracy, they limit political activism. In the name of peace, they start wars against nations that were never a threat to us. In the name of public health, they invoke junk science to ban smoking in private businesses. In the name of morality, they perseceute sex workers and their clients. In the name of justice, they harrass and destroy small business with their laws and regulations. In the name of prosperity, they regulate prices and try to manipulate the laws of supply and demand.

But the truth is the opposite. Except to resist aggression, the use of coercion is always worse than the problem it tries to stamp out. (For instance, the federal investigation into steroid use in baseball is a thousand times worse than steroid use in baseball.) I'd rather live in a society where teenage girls spread Nazi ideas, than one in which the people in authority act like Nazis in the name of anti-Nazism.


  1. i had the opportunity to meet and talk with ed steele when he was local doing a kidnapping trial that i was courtwatching. the white supremecists are really not that strange a sect, as far as sect go. I have met a lot more repulsive people in the chemical sciences sect.
    it infuriates the librals that people can bring kids up to not think like them. but freedom comes in all forms and youth are not free to think for themselves for quite a while past 13 years of age. Not that they don't have opinions that should be respected. I wonder if anybody asked the girls what they thought.
    I'd bet that the lemmings would be horrified at the suggested that these poor brainwashed innocents might have their own goals - which include a singing career to an audience that will buy their music.
    Of course, it will not be me buying their music, but i don't buy rap music either.

    on another note - wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall for the Barry meets George Mitchell meeting. I hope Bonds gives him a good reaming on acceptible behavior in public. Other than Zirin, most sportswriters have already convicted every ballplayer of this total non-crime nonsense. If sports models society, we inna heap o trubble.

  2. "I'd rather live in a society where teenage girls spread Nazi ideas, than one in which the people in authority act like Nazis in the name of anti-Nazism."

    Bingo. In fact the latter situation is far the worse because it's not open. The Powers That Be never say "we're fascists against all other fascism". But the obvious fascists... not really dangerous, at this point in history.
    No one outside of their circle will listen to them.

  3. Anonymous10:40 AM PST

    I wouldn't put White nationalism/supremacism together. Sometimes, it may be the same thing but modern White nationalism is closer to just White seperatism than a supremacism. White supremacism is Whites ruling over others to explicity benefit Whites at the cost of non-Whites. White nationalism in its modern variant is more of a seperatism and can be libertarian as is the case with the Vlaams Belaang in Belgium coming closest since they want to seperate and stop non-White immigration in Flanders and be a small state with limited government and free trade.