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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Every Single One is Rotten

Anyone who would vote for a Constitutional Amendment authorizing Congress to ban desecration of the American flag is, by taking such a position, unworthy of their office. They are stupid, bad people who are making mountains out of less than a molehill. And it includes 66 United States Senators. In some theological or cosmic sense, I don't "hate" them, but in a practical sense I believe any means are justified to spare us from their pettiness and tyranny. "But they're good on other issues" doesn't fly. They can not be trusted to hold the offices they do.

Just as bad are those who sought not to amend the Constitution, but make "flag desecration" a federal crime. Their position is that such an act can be an incitement to violence and therefore outside of First Amendment protection. Even if so, it's a question of civil peace and order, an issue that the Tenth Amendment leaves to the states. Worse, documented incidents of so-called flag "desecration" are virtually non-existent. This gang is just as stupid and reprehensible as the jerks who voted for the Amendment. Worse, in a sense, just as Drug Warriors are worse than the Prohibitionists who at least knew they had to amend the Constitution to impose their evil laws.

So the only way a Senator could be right on both issues was to vote nay on both (thankfully, both were defeated, though the Constitutional Amendment failed only by one vote, which is scary). Checking the lists here and here, here is the list of Senators who show the remotest signs of common sense:

Russ Feingold (D-WI)

That's it; that's the list. But this guy co-sponsored the campaign finance law designed to silence dissent and protect incumbents. Feingold was also one of the 99 who voted for the REAL ID act last year, the first step in federal tracking of everyone's movements. Feingold may be the "least bad" Senator, for opposing the Iraq Resolution and Patriot Act, but he is still rotten and unfit for office.

That makes it unanimous. There isn't a single Senator worthy of respect.

NOTE: This issue came up last year; you can read some of my thoughts at LewRockwell.com and here.

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  1. I suppose that if we work our way thtrough the House, we would get to Ron Paul as the only member of worth. There are a few who sometimes step up, but for the most part, they are cowed by the system into going along to get along. Let's replace them all, all at once, such that no seniority exists.