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Friday, June 16, 2006

Enbracing Secession

While being right should be a pleasure in itself, persuading someone else is very gratifying, and I am credited in Vache Folle's conversion to secessionism. Folle also writes:
In terms of federal jurisprudence, state sovereignty is dead. The federals will never again acknowledge limitations on their power, and the Supreme Court will never again be manned by justices who give a rat’s patootie about federalism. Forget the Constitution in exile; it’s the Constitution in the trash heap now. Devolution through secession is about the only way Americans will ever see a return to decentralized, smaller government.

I don’t expect independent states to be especially liberty oriented, but I know that the huge, centralized US government is a threat to liberty in and of itself. And if there were 50 independent countries, I could vote with my feet and move to a state that was more free. The nannies could congregate in nanny states and regulate the crap out of themselves.

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  1. Amen and Amen. I did a search on secessin and fond your blog. It is now listed in my favourites.

    Deo Vindice,