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Friday, June 30, 2006

Conservative Justices are the Worst

I haven't been in touch on much the past couple of days, but as one who has long thought of conservative justices as generally superior to the "liberals" and "moderates" on the Supreme Court, yesterday's decision, at first glance, makes me re-think that. I couldn't have said it any better than Anthony Gregory did at LRC:
Unless I am misunderstanding something serious here—and I am open to being convinced otherwise—Alito, Scalia and Thomas seem to me to be purely totalitarian in this last ruling on Guantanamo. I can't see how any other decision any of them ever made can compensate for their hatred of Habeas Corpus. They support absolute power by the state to detain and torture people without trial. If you support that, I am not going to give you many brownie points for agreeing that a law that forbids guns within a close proximity of a school is unConstitutional, or that the Violence Against Women Act or attacks on Californian medical marijuana go beyond the scope of the Commerce Clause. These are all important issues. They strike at the heart of liberty. This last dissenting opinion, however, appears to rip the heart right out, stomp on it, cover it with gas, drop a match on it, and then put the burnt remains in a shredder.

Sure, the lefties on the court are horrible. But the notion that the righties are slightly better is destroyed by their rulings on the federal police state.

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