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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Love, Wealth, Influence

The longing of individuals for sex, money, and power, while desirable in themselves, are also shadows of our authentic desires: love, wealth, and influence.

And these are but reflections of how we accomplish or acquire anything in life:

1. Doing it ourselves - but we really only want to do things we really want to do, that is, out of love. Otherwise, we do it for money so we can purchase what we want, or we are subject to the coercive power of someone else.
2. Buying/trading. The desire for wealth is to have what we want when we want.
3. Expressing the desire/command. Real power is when just saying the word makes it happen.

Love, wealth, and power are not contradictory or evil goals. Indeed, they work in harmony. With wealth, we can help those whom we love all the more. The more we genuinely love others, the more influence we have; the more others want to please us. If we can harmonize our thoughts and desires, we can get into a "flow" by which we can win friends, generate income, and influence people perpetually. The foundation is to "love your neighbor as yourself."

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