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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

New Hampshire resists REAL ID

It's never too late to report good news, and so I posted what New Hampshire's House of Representatives did last Thursday at the Downsize DC blog.

Elsewhere at Downsize DC, we learn that the House is voting this Thursday on the "Online Freedom of Speech Act," which will
preserve the First Amendment's "Freedom of the Press" for individuals on the Internet.

It would place bloggers and webpage publishers on the same legal footing as the mainstream media.

The Federal Election Commission is under court order to impose the burdensome incumbent protection laws (otherwise known as campaign finance regulations) on the Internet. Political expression on your blog or web page would be regulated. But political expression on blogs and web pages owned by the mainstream media, such as NYTimes.com, would be exempt. The "Online Freedom of Speech Act" is designed to prevent this from happening.

Only Congressional action can prevent us from having two tiers of citizenship in this country when it comes to the Freedom of the Press. Unless the "Online Freedom of Speech Act" passes only the mainstream media will retain full, unregulated freedom of expression on the Internet.

Go here to instruct you Congressman to support this bill.

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  1. Irony #1: lobbying the state to protect us from the state. Irony #2: lobbying our incumbents to allow greater freedom in threats to their re-elections.