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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Liberalism or Statism

My latest at the Partial Observer. Excerpt:
[F]uture historians will note that good, liberal change always seemed to be hi-jacked by statism:
* Repealing bad and oppressive laws is liberal; getting an un-elected federal judge to toss even good laws aside is statist.
* Prohibiting state laws imposing racial segregation is liberal; denying freedom of association and intimidating employers into using racial quotas is statist.
* Ending federal support for big business is liberal; regulating and taxing all economic behavior so that compliance costs fall disproportionately on small business is statist.
* Fighting for the "common man" against landed gentry, corporate monopolies, and other forms of state privilege is liberal; making the poor and middle class totally dependent on the government aid, pensions, education, and health care is statist.
* Expanding the franchise is liberal; reducing the number of representatives relative to the population is statist.
* Social tolerance is liberal; censorship - including censorship of those who don't believe in social tolerance - is statist.

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