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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Conference Tournaments?

#7 ranked Ohio State loses the Big Ten Tournament Final to #20 Iowa. But it still keeps its #2 regional seed in the NCAA tournament. Gonzaga, #5 in the polls for most of the year, goes through its conference schedule and conference tournament undefeated. But by playing in a relatively weak conference, it still gets a #3 seed. It makes one wonder what's the point in conference tournaments.

It probably doesn't make any difference. The #14 seed Gonzaga will face probably isn't appreciably stronger than the #15 seed Ohio St. will face. If either is national championship material, their seeding hardly matters.

Here's the point of this post. I know very little about NCAA basketball, only that (obviously) a lot more goes into NCAA tournament selection seedings than just press poll rankings. It just seems to me that a team that loses to an underdog in the conference championship, would normally be brought down a notch in the NCAA seedings. Otherwise, what are conference tournaments for? For good teams already assured of a high seed in the NCAA tourney, what is there to play for? Why not give more minutes to the scrubs?

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