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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

While Honey Pie Gently Weeps

Thirty tracks on the famous double album called The Beatles - otherwise known as the White Album. Pare it down to 14 songs, and you probably have the greatest album of all time. The question is, which 14? If you like the Beatles, stop by Another Spin with your pick of the best 14 tracks of the 30. I did.


  1. although i like revolver, you have agreement on the white album, it rocks. rocky raccoon.

  2. A friend of mine & I tried that discussion a few years ago & we nearly came to blows. One man's filler track is another man's indespensable track.

    The White Album is the greatest album ever made, & I think this is part of the reason.

    Heck, when I heard the outtakes & demos I became convinced it could have been 3 records & have been even better.

    SUBTRACT from the Beatles' White Album? You're all mad. Mad.