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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Super Bowl Predictions

Pittsburgh wins, 23-20 on a last second goal line plunge by Jerome Bettis.

While I like the Steelers and their coach, Bill Cowher, I'm rooting for Seattle. Their coach, Mike Holmgren, is about the only celebrity I've met. I've also met his wife Kathy, a first class lady who's missing the game because she's on a mission trip to the Congo (she's a nurse), and know a couple of her daughters and sons in law. Holmgren also funded the athletic complex at my alma mater. Plus, the Seahawks were my favorite team growing up. When they were a young team, they had a kicker, Efren Herrera, who was a master of on-side kicks and fake field goals, things I hadn't seen in a football team. Then Chuck Knox became their coach and they were a good team in the 1980's. By the 1990's my allegiance switched to Green Bay, and another reason to root for Holmgren is that he took the Pack to the Super Bowl twice and won one. Plus, right now I'm residing in Seahawk territory.

My other Super Bowl Prediction is the Rolling Stone's set list:

1. Let's Spend the Night Together (and they will sing "the night" instead of "some time" like they had to on the Ed Sullivan Show the evening after the first Super Bowl was played).
2. Satisfaction OR Start Me Up
3. It's Only Rock and Roll, although I'd prefer Jumpin' Jack Flash or Tumblin' Dice.


  1. That's if they get to finish the game! Didn't they tell us that it's time for another 9/11?

  2. "2. Satisfaction OR Start Me Up"

    I don't know if you get points for picking two out of the three songs correctly, or if you lose points for saying "OR" when it really was "AND." Or is no one keeping score anyway?