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Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Clyde Wilson has a citizneship test. The more statements you agree with, the better a citizen you are in 21st century America. There were maybe five questions with which I could partly agree, but on the whole I'm obviously a very bad citizen.

Also, Donald Hagen has a satirical political quiz. It provides the answers of conservatives, liberals, libertarians, and communists to a host of questions. Sometimes, even the communists get one right:

71: Who were antitrust laws written to protect?

CONS: Competitors of companies accused of violating antitrust laws.

LIBL: Consumers

LBRT: The political careers of the politicians who created the laws.

COMM: The corporate status quo


  1. i got one in Clyde's test. Scary - i wonder if i look in the mirror, i will see clyde's mug? truth is, truth doesn't seem to matter much anymore as to what people think. we both know that suspension of beleif can work for short periods of time, but reality usually has a way of intruding with natural law. Delusions of grandeur have theie price and everything reverts towards the mean, eventually.

  2. Only one on Clyde's test I agreed with was "other countries want to be like america".

    Says a lot about how screwed the world as a whole is, doesn't it?

  3. well, I agreed with 25 a little bit, and 36.

    And 15, if you read it as "the governments of other countries want to be like the American government"

    It is a bit of an eye opener to see the people you argue with and then realize that they probably believe most of these.