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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Against Property Improvement Taxes

I agree with Wendy McElroy:
I particularly hate the taxing of improvements to land...taxes which are collected in the wake of every step of the improvement itself being taxed BTW. The income money you use to build an extra garage has already been taxed several ways; each good you buy to facilitate the improvement is taxed -- in the UK and Canada through value-added taxes; in the States through more subtle ones like tariffs etc.; every laborer who works on the improvement pays taxes or risks penalties; when you sell the improvements, with the house, you will be taxed again; your children who inherited the money from the house sale when you die are usually taxed on that inheritance. Now the all-grasping State wishes to skim a fifth, sixth or twentieth tax off anyone who has enough initiative to build an extra bedroom for a child or a garage to shelter a car.

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