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Saturday, December 17, 2005

time travel and intelligent design

Commenting on my Ancient Arficats link below, Dr. Lenny suggests the possibility of time travel.

This raises something I was going to mention a week ago after hearing much of a Coast to Coast program about the moon. And then I got in an email list this article, seemingly unrelated, about Intelligent Design. Here's how I replied:

I wonder if both "idols" in this debate, Darwinism and ID, are the product of a fundamentally false premise -- the linear nature of cause and effect. Both sides
strike me as overly materialistic and mechanistic. Saying this is perhaps itself outside of the epistemilogical commitments of empircal science. That doesn't make it wrong, however. Only that science, as it is defined now, may be bunk. Either that, or we are so, so far away from discovering the laws that might satisfy our minds, that anyone's theory that can explain the facts as we have them, seems to me to be as good as any other.

Here's an article that suggests we don't really have a clue:

Last week on the radio I heard a discussion about the moon. It is recognized as having to be exactly its size, position, mass, etc., for life to have developed on Earth. Yet its very existence seems to defy the laws of physics - the best explanation for it is "observational error."

The guests on the show suggested that God may have created the moon, but that wouldn't be a satisfactory answer in terms of what we want to believe about a
monotheistic God. Because it would suggest that an all-knowing God did not create a perfect creation, but had to miraculously intervene again to create the moon. The moon looks like an alteration, an artificial improvement upon an imperfect design. The implication I draw is that, yes, there is "intelligent" design behind the moon - and extrapolating from that, intelligent design behind the origin of life. But, this just shows that, like stonehenge and the pyramid at Giza, the moon, and perhaps planetary life itself, was created by intelligent beings. It does not suggest creation by a monotheistic God. The guests suggested that time travel provides a better explanation than creation by alien beings, that humans will actually create the moon in the future. Unfortunately, I couldn't hear the rest of the program for how they explained this head-spinning idea.

Yes, it's probably a crackpot theory, but it does suggest one thing. Intelligent Design does not in any way suggest divine intervention. It just shows that perhaps we don't understand the space-time continuum very well.

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