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Wednesday, December 07, 2005


My latest at the Partial Observer.

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  1. You are right - you aren't being fair to Madonna. But hey, life isn't always fair and she'll get over it - if she reads your post. It's not really about her you know.

    now i'm troubled and having a rough time thinking through a conflict that is muddying my perception. your post doesn't help. how do we lose support for the difunctional grubbermint, without undermining the base resource of purpose?

    base assumption - everyone has to make a living. why? when does consumption exceed our ability to produce? do we believe the term 'peak' oil? Or are we playing peeking game (or Peking games?) i am confused.

    my tiller questions are starting to burn, because i have been burnt by putting in misguided(?!) effort, in order to make a living. that's one thing that madonna doesn't worry about, althought if she could tap my poetry into her conscience, who knows about her next album. (i know, i flatter myself by thinking poetry has any merit, but then again, what is art but what we make of it?)