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Monday, December 26, 2005

the french riots

Another thing I didn't blog about this year. I didn't know much about the dynamics within French society. Anything can confirm any belief, so the French riots could prove that the multiculturalists were right, that the neocons were right, the libertarians were right, etc. Of course, I think the libertarians were right, but I didn't have enough grasp of the particulars to prove why. I wasn't in the mood to go, "See, see, the Welfare State sucks. 'Nuff said. Told ya so."

So, what to say about rioting? About vandalism and looting? It would be ridiculous to assume that I "would never" become a rioter. That would be like saying I "would never" do anything else. I suspect, however, that my potential for both courage and for utter depravity know no bounds. I mean, I can't imagine a situation where I might trash private property, unless I was convinced that every property owner I was attacking was an enemy of some sort. But precisely because I'd believe that, I'd believe that the police/army would be an even greater enemy. Understanding that, I wouldn't take personal offense at a crackdown. What could I say? "I'm shocked, SHOCKED, that the police are taking the side of the Establishment!"

Every marauding rioter should expect lethal force. It may be a price to pay if there's a revolution going on. But a government that doesn't employ the harshest means necessary to restore order is either hopelessly incompetent, or is on the side of the rioters. If the victims of the destruction are essentially innocent middle class people trying to peacefully get by, then the government is their enemy.

Personally, if I was a native Frenchman of French ancestry, I would have wanted several guns, lots of ammo, a few knives, and a baseball bat. With signs surrounding my home and my car that if you come close, you're in for a major ass-kicking. And I would have resented a government that refused to protect me yet prevented me from protecting myself.

This is not an anti-France post. Most western governments would have buckled. That's because they've forsaken their "raison d'etre," and pursued an agenda that not only ignores the lives, liberties, and property of the people, but is positively inimical to them. So, when other, non-governmental forces, terrorists or rioters, also attack life, liberty, and property, government doesn't know what to do. "What, we're supposed to protect the people?"

Then they say, "Well, we're going to do better next time. Vote for us! And at least you live in a democracy, which makes you free, you lucky ungrateful bastards!"

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