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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Christians and Coercion

Jeffrey Tucker at LRC tells us that Benedictine Sixteen is a Drug Warrior.

Not particularly surprising, but nevertheless disappointing. For the life of me I will never understand why Christians advocate the extension of violence (i.e., coercion) in society. I once thought my increasing rejection of violence and coercion were evidence of growing in understanding of Christianity. But the overwhelming - crushing - weight of Christian thought and opinion rejects the libertarian ethic, and advocates government intervention in countless ways. When Christians accuse each other and draw lines, it is often because the other side (left or right) is insufficiently statist. One side wants bureaucrats to administer "compassion," and the other side wants the police to enforce "morality." (And centrists or "moderate" Christians often want the State to do both.)

No wonder lots of libertarians loathe the Christian faith. I don't blame them. I'm not going to be one to yell at the Church "But Jesus says..." Who am I to say that my own opinions reflect the "true" Christian faith? Many months ago I ceased caring. The rejection of coercion is a foundation of my sense of right and wrong, and if this position is opposed to the Bible, all the saints and theologians, and the tradition of the Church, I still can't abandon my own reason and conscience.

If Christians want more police, or more welfare, or more war, I'm not going to judge whether they are really faithful to Jesus's teachings. All I know is that if this country falls into civil war, I'll be on the side of freedom.

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