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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

No Confidence Vote in Canada

One thing I like about the parliamentary system is its instability in a mult-party system. The more unstable the government, the less anything can get done. And a government that doesn't do anything is good for liberty. So I wish Canada had no confidence votes more often.

But I don't see the point in this one - I mean, other than the corruption scandal which looked to me to be too convoluted to follow or have an opinion on. The Liberals are going to come out ahead again as the largest minority party, which means either a coalition between Bloc Quebecois AND the Conservatives AND the NDP (a socialist party), or a coalition with the Liberals in charge. With unemployment the lowest in 30 years and with budget surpluses, why risk change?

Do I want a conservative government? I would predict that the mass suicide called "multiculturalism" will slow down somewhat. But the fact is, however bad we think multiculturalism/political correctness is in the USA, it is "culturally" embedded up there and a Conservative government won't be able to reverse it. But if there's one thing to be learned about conservatism in the Western World over the past 25 years, it is that conservatives want lower taxes but do not want smaller government. Conservatives in power (especially in North America) have been so reckless with spending and deficits as to be criminal.

Maybe the new Conservative party in Canada, which was cobbled together from the remnants of the old Progressive Conservatives and incarnations of western reform parties, has a more responsible position, which would have these priorities in order:

1. Balanced budgets through cutting spending.
2. Cutting taxes.

But if not, and keeping in mind that the Liberals successfully defeated terrorism within their borders by not joining the rape of Iraq, I would wonder if maybe I'd vote for the Liberals myself.

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