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Thursday, November 24, 2005

NFL Uniforms

A couple of games ago, the Bears played in orange jerseys. And, no, it didn't look like "throwback" jerseys either. It looked like a new thing.

Today, at home on Thanksgiving, the Cowboys are playing in blue and white jerseys with white helmets with a blue star.

Are these the Cowboys that have gone to eight Super Bowls? Where are the white jerseys and silver helmets?

What's next, the Yankees abandoning pin stripes?

Is the NFL merchandising department running this? More different shirts to sell to die hard fans?

I also miss coaches wearing coats and ties, or whatever they want to wear. It's like they their wardrobe is directed by the NFL: the right shirts, the right coats. I hope they get paid extra for modeling NFL gear.


  1. it's like in fantasy football survivor game where you can't pick the same team to win twice during the season. NFL teams cannot wear the same uniform color combination. When tailors were wiped out of existance and all clothing became rubber stamped and the NFL owners got into collusion with the sweatshop manufacturers to innundate american youth with a non green brett farve t-shirt.
    well - maybe we can't buid a conspiracy theory on this one - enjoy your turkey day. (are the cowboy allowed to lose on T'giving day?)

  2. Actually, NFL coaches do have their wardrobes directed by the NFL. The 49ers new coach wanted to wear a coat and tie during games, but the league won't let him. He must wear the gaudy NFL-licensed apparel made by sporting good companies.

    Oh, and in my opinion, the Cowboys look bad no matter what they're wearing.