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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Myths Behind the War

My latest at the Partial Observer.

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  1. and i declared myself an ambassador from Zonia (my area of rural amerikka) just moment ago before reading your piece. talk about positive reinforcement. i don't believe in myths - i live one. we all do - reality is what we make of it.

    but on a rational serious note - how many people are willing to do something about anything and how many will nod and watch and stand in agreement that something should be done and not do anything? do we preach to a very small choir? i am going to go my own way too - but i am going to focus on the resource base. Chemistry is not spelled chemystery, but most people seem to take it on account that it exists, we know all about it, and its a done deal.

    They don't understand complex argument and are willing to listen to anything that sounds right with their way of thinking. You never have to peel back another layer of the onion skin, because you know you will always find more onion, and another onion skin.

    Is it worth trying to bring anybody along, or should we just do and hope they follow. But your myths keep reappearing and 'they' won't allow us to start out of the box - something about a precautionary principle, that really turns out to be total abdication of individual responsibility to the experts. Of course ex means former and we know what a spurt is.

    Thanks for allowing a rant. :-)