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Monday, November 07, 2005

My Basketball Theory

The Philadelphia Eagles suspend and de-activate Terrell Owens, two years after the Buccaneers de-activated Keyshawn Johnson, and after an off-season in which the Vikings traded Randy Moss. In 2001, the Patriots let Terry Glenn sit at home when they won the Super Bowl.

I have a theory that wide receivers are socially mal-adjusted basketball players. They have the physical abilities you look for in basketball, but their arrogance and overall jerkiness is too much for even fellow basketball players to bear. Since they are just one of fifty football players on a team, and even the best rarely get more than six catches per game, and teammates don't have to deal with them night after night, their general obnoxiousness is more easily tolerated. At least, until they go too far.

I just find it interesting that the real "problem" players are wide receivers, and often among the best of them.

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  1. this post demonstrates the inherent bias that is established within our system. athletes are socially maladjusted even before we set them into positions - to get good enough to compete on a pro team means years of being placed on a pedestal and coddled to by most of the general population of lemmings. hoops is a different expression of raw talent than football, and diametrically opposed to the skill set necessary for baseball. Can you imagine making the statement that all right fielders are the real problem players - citing Manny Ramirez, Sammy Sosa and Darryl Strawberry. hmmm

    I got to know (aquaintance, not friend) a dude named AC Green when i was at Oregon State. Now there is a man to admire in sports - just lived by his own mindset. I would guess from what i read that Ricky Williams is of the same mindset. I know you and i are - our outcome depends on our input.

    People like TO that are social basket cases are like that because they've always gotten their way at everything. Even when people know better than to condescend, they still get caught up in the aura and cater to the hero anyway. It becomes a matter of choosing who you respect, and living to be worthy of their counterrespect. Me - i think its the catchers that are the real prima donnas - but then they put up beyond other positions because of their role in the game. why did the twins cut aj? sox gain - but ...