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Thursday, November 24, 2005

I Don't Believe It

And I'm not sure when I say "I don't believe it" I mean I don't expect this to happen, or that I am too shocked and delighted. Is Bush really going to withdraw 60,000 troops in Iraq?

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  1. I'm personally leaning towards "it won't happen". A large pullout would be admission of error, that pathetic being we call a "president" is allergic to such.

    BTW: the article you linked to has a factual error in it. The resolution they refer to as being "Mr Murtha's proposal" was actually written by a Republican -- Duncan Hunter, of California. Murtha said he was going to propose a resolution for withdrawal, and the GOP decided to pull a political stunt & put out a resolution that stripped away the logistics part of the withdrawal. The idea was that if they made it sound as simplistic as possible they could portray it in public as expecting US forces to simply pick a direction & start running.