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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Dogs, Ants, and Intelligent Design

Author Brad Steiger talking about animals and animal miracles on the Coast to Coast AM radio show. Two interesting points he made in passing:

- Some scientists have finally concluded that dogs are better than primates for cognitive experiments. Dogs have evolved as their relationship with humans has evolved over the past 150 thousand years, and therefore we can read how and why they think as they do better.

- Steiger said that an anthole was discovered going from Spain all the way to Italy - a couple of hundred miles. Makes me wonder two things: 1)is this an "irreducibly complex" system? Did this colony - this empire - have an Intelligent Designer who know exactly how the final product would look? Or wasn't this system the product of the work of individual ants who cooperate, build and expand because that is their destiny for life, because this is what Life does? 2) Does intelligence have anything whatsoever with the biological structure of a brain? Or does intelligence - the mind or "a" mind - merely work through our indiviudal organisms?


  1. hodari - featured in this picture played a game when he first got to the zoo that i call code 1 hodari in the wetlands. the executive director ordered the curator to keep the giraffe out of a five acre wetland and the giraffe won every single chess move until they electified the gates and inconvenienced the public. node howdt that the giraffe won the game until he tired of it. The strategic move would have been to lock him in to the five acres for a few days and cut off the 240 acres that he otherwise roams.

    i have been thinking on this topic too and will have a piece later this week.

  2. With the ants, it is amazing what complex structures can arise from the application of a handful of simple rules.