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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The American Music Awards

Some posts below are on the American Music Awards. First, I don't care who won the awards; nobody cares who wins these awards. There are only a few awards that matter. And when I mean "matter," I don't mean that they are important, or that the most deserving win, or that they deserve the prestige they get, but that nobody gives a rip about any other prize except these, in no particular order:

1. Nobel Prize
2. Oscar
3. Pulitzer Prize
4. Heisman Trophy
5. Congressional Medal of Honor
6. The Baseball Hall of Fame

Honorable mention: Tony, Peabody

That said, I like the AMA's because they're performance-centered. They rounded up many popular acts from hip-hop, country, and pop-rock, plus several geezers. It was cool to see the Eurythmics and the Rolling Stones, and even see what some of the younger people are up to. I like all kinds of music so it was nice to have on.

I turned it off after the Stones, but I think it was ending soon anyway.


  1. People care about the Congressional Medal of Honor?

  2. Booker Prize, National Book Award and Pulitzer for fiction are all important in that you can be pretty sure the books that made the shortlist are worth reading.

  3. The Medal of Honor won't necessarily make one famous, but it gives the winner a degree of credibility and respect lacking in almost any other award.