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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Who Believes in Open Borders?

Does anybody really believe in open borders?

Imagine China and/or India deciding that dumping a few million of their people on American soil would help control population. They build thousands of ships and land up and own our coasts at night to circumvent our immigration laws. The newcomers find jobs and send a portion of the money home. Would this be permissible? Is there a certain number of people at which it would become impermissible? Ten million? Thirty million?

When an area faces a population influx, rents rise and wages are depressed - everyone needs a place to stay and everyone needs a job. This is not fair to those who were already there, and should raise the question of why and how did the newcomers come?

To ask this isn't "blaming" the newcomers in the least - they are doing what they can to get by. But we must make a distinction between an immigrant and an invader, much as we would between a guest and an intruder. "Oh, you snuck in through the window? Well, you don't have gun, so you're not really an intruder and you have a right to stay." "Oh, you all snuck into our country without our permission? Well, you're not an army so you're not really an invader, you're an immigrant and you have the right to stay."

To say that there should be open borders, is to say that there should be no borders. This is a fine position for those who want to destroy the State immediately. For everyone else, particularly any non-anarchist, it is an absurd position.

Regarding the southern border, many override common sense and take a politically correct position, assuming that those who are against free immigration are bigoted in some way. But that's not the point. If Mexico was white and English speaking, and over a million Mexicans a year try to escape their homes and homeland to come here, Americans would still face the same economic problems resulting from immigration. But the question would be, What the hell is wrong with the Mexican government?

That's the question we should be asking. The USA is under no obligation to shoulder Mexico's burdens. We don't need a xenophobic immigration policy, but we can't afford a Politically Correct one.


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  2. Yep. I'm a "non open borders" libertarian, myself. I think there should be some controls, but exactly what they would be, I don't know.

  3. Interesting observations, but I dodge the question entirely, in that I don't "believe" in borders of any sort -- other than that between private properties, of course. It's just legal-cagey mumbo-jumbo that creates and encourages problems.