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Saturday, October 29, 2005

An Ironic Parable

This came to me through an e-mail forward:

There was a hunter who came into the possession of a special bird dog. The dog was the only one of its kind, because it could walk on water. One day he invited a friend to go hunting with him so that he could show off his prized possession. After some time, they shot a few ducks, which fell into the river. The man ordered his dog to run and fetch the birds. The dog ran on water to fetch the birds. The man was expecting a compliment about the amazing dog, but did not receive it. Being
curious, he asked his friend if he had notice anything unusual about the dog. The friend replied, "Yes, I did see something unusual about your dog. Your dog can't swim!"

More than 90% of the people that we face everyday are negative. They choose to look at the hole in the middle rather than the doughnut. Do not expect compliments or encouragement from them. These are the people who cannot pull you out of your present situation. They can only push you down. So be aware of them, spend less time with them, and do not let them steal your dreams away from you.

90% of the people that we face everyday are negative? 90 freaking %?

Well let's take that at face value. Maybe 90% of the people are negative exactly because they believe that 90% of the people are negative. After all, are you going to give compliments and encouragement to people if you believe they will never give compliments and encouragement back to you? Talk about a self-fulfililng prophesy!

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  1. Guy sounds like a type-AAA personality who thinks the rest of the world is all slackers--talk about negative!. And the talk about "pulling you out of your present situation" sets off some alarm bells. Probably a "motivational" author of the "Visualize, Actualize, Grasp and Claw" variety.