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Monday, September 05, 2005

"Worst Kind of Weapon You Can Imagine"

Richard C. Hoagland, who's been covering NASA since the 1960's, made some memorable observations on Coast to Coast AM last week. Such as, if there were gunmen shooting at relief helicopters, why did Bush tour New Orleans via helicopter?

A more important observation he made, however, is that the yearly budget for off-the-books operations exceeds many times over what was spent developing the atom bomb. It is far from unimaginable that technology has developed to control the weather to some degree, and to manufacture storms. It may sound crazy, but now it is out in the open.

At his blog, Mr. Hoagland reports:

Another of the astonishing, bold-faced lies which deserves to be investigated by a full Congressional panel -- in this expanding National catastrophe -- is the continuing myth "we can't control the weather." That Katrina "was just an act of God ...."

One of our most pointed issues -- asked even before Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, precisely a week ago, last Sunday night/Monday morning -- was this essential question:

"Was Katrina another 'Hyperdimensional Hurricane!?'"

Sources have confirmed to The Enterprise Mission all this past week that Katrina was, indeed, both "maneuvered and enhanced" ... by one secret group deliberately intending to to cause the devastating National catastrophe we have been witnessing on all our TV screens for the past horrifying week!!

While another group worked feverishly (after much delay ... and "at the last minute") to divert it.

This, we were told, was the reason for the last-minute "jog" to the east ... which spared New Orleans the brunt of the storm, but subjected other sections of the Gulf Coast -- in Mississippi and in Alabama -- to total destruction ... for tens of miles inland rom the Coast!

But -- our critics continue to demand -- where's the hard evidence supporting this obviously "ridiculous" claim that this storm was "manufactured" ...?
The amazing, documented evidence is actual a formal Bill -- quietly introduced into the House and Senate of the United States Congress, this past Spring -- calling for the establishment of a "Weather Modification Operations and Research Board" by October 1, 2005 ... in just a few short weeks!!


Introduced by Senator Kay Hutchison (R-TX), on March 3, 2005 (more "33's" anyone ...?) -- Senate Bill 517 is formally termed:

"Weather Modification Research and Technology Transfer Authorization Act of 2005."
Which -- as you visit Louisiana yet again today, Mr. President -- begs the question:

"With whom are we at 'war' ... that we must bring this highly secret technology to legal status now ...?"

"And -- if we are at war -- why is it still 'secret!' ... after the obvious and devastating blow struck by Hurricane Katrina ... which you yourself likened to "the worst kind of weapon you can imagine ...?"

"As still free Americans, we deserve some answers, Mr. President -- and now."

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