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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

See Me on TV, Same Time, Next Year

J.D. Fortune is the new frontman for INXS.

I admit to watching Rock Star tonight, as well as most of last week's show, which made Greg from Oz very angry. Yet it is the same correspondent that e-mailed me the story. I guess he cares more than he admits.

Me? I don't care. But the performances were actually pretty good. It was either Rock Star: INXS, or not watch tv at all.

That said, I'm surprised that the blond guy didn't win. But he's probably better off going solo.

At the end of the program, the hostess said that Rock Star was coming back next year. So you can see me on tv then. I'm wondering which dinasaur act I will join: Genesis? Van Halen? Jimmy Page?

In any case, I'll send in my audition tape soon. As part of my preparation, you may see me at a karoake bar near you.

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  1. GreginOz12:38 AM PDT

    Jimbo, you dobber! Tee-hee. Given the size of your head in the web foto (I mean come-on, it's MASSIVE). I am wondering if "The Munsters" have formed a band:-) Just kidding, it is SOOOOOO huge coz it has to fit your beautiful mind inside!