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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Secession on the Installment Plan

Mike Tuggle writes:

As the bubble-boy president scrambles to put the best face on the Katrina fiasco and the degenerating situation in Iraq, local governments continue to do the jobs that Washington DC refuses to do. More significantly, many of these local governments are finding that they must actively oppose Washington to protect the interests and values of their citizens. From resolutions that protest or even nullify unconstitutional infringements on traditional rights, to adopting international accords that Washington has rejected, it is becoming increasingly apparent that self-government dies unless it is exercised. It is also becoming crystal-clear that the greatest obstacle to preserving our freedoms and promoting our values is Washington DC.

Each of these steps leads to an inescapable conclusion: Washington DC's monopoly on power is not only counter-productive, but is impossible to sustain.

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