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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Concentration Camps

My suspicion that reports of violence and chaos in New Orleans were exaggerated has not been confirmed, and probably can not be confirmed. But unfolding events add to my suspicion that there was a plan to make poor blacks seem as savage and inhuman as possible. Via Rigorous Intuition, this report from Don Nash of Unknown News (who calls the hurricane victims "insurgents"):

The Hurricane Katrina insurgency from New Orleans is tucked safely away behind the 6-foot chain link fence with the accommodating barb wire atop chain links. The ONLY entry into Detention Camp Utah is through the highly secure military gates that are guarded by armed military guards twenty four seven.

The ONLY access to the New Orleans insurgency is granted to military, government officials, and MAINSTREAM media.
There is no transportation, public or otherwise, for the New Orleans insurgency. Supposedly, it has been reported by one local media concern that there will be twice-daily bus service available to "cleared" insurgents.

The armed military guards at the aforementioned closely guarded military gates would answer no questions regarding whether the New Orleans insurgency would be able to clear the gates to access the quickie mart, located down a rather steep hill about three miles from the Detention Camp Utah. Nor would the guards answer questions regarding whether they would allow the New Orleans insurgency to re-enter Detention Camp Utah if somehow they were able to gain an exit.
Not a one of the refugees/insurgents were told they were being sent to Utah.

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