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Thursday, August 04, 2005

The Would You Have Been a Nazi Test

I scored "Expatriate." I would have left Nazi Germany.

One question is loaded: nobody supports "mistreatment" of certain minority groups - the point of persecuting a minority group is not to "mistreat" them, to but treat them exactly how one thinks they deserve to be treated.

Also, not much on questions of eugenics, and no questions, really, on fascism. We should have seen questions on tobacco, obesity, central government, the role of corporations in society, etc. to round out the Nazi philosophy. The test ignores the question of government's responsibility for one's happiness and welfare, and the rights of the individual versus the needs of the many.

I fear that many will be proud of their anti-Nazi scores, blissfully unaware that their support for, say, gun control, is right in line with Nazi philosophy.

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