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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Pro-choice, Pro-life no more

My post at Indie Castle.


  1. What do the labels matter - no matter what you call them, both sides in this debate wish to compel people to behave in their chosen manner. Abortion is a horrid means of birth control - the solution is don't get pregnant.

    Easier said than done, granted. But if kids were actually interested in learning and school (forgive me this fantasy), perhaps they could be engaged in meaningful participation in some area of life that makes a difference, so the need for watching the audiovisual sexbox would be diminished and the time spent on better things.

    Nah - i'm dreamin. aught to be dreamin about sex rather than work, but ...

    can i crosslink the zone with indie castle? would they be interested in linking to my soapbox articles?

  2. The person to contact re Indie Castle is Kevin. He's the administrator.

  3. Anonymous11:35 AM PDT

    Dr. Lenny said it best - both sides are trying to get others to behave in their chosen manner. That's not freedom.

    That said, I do think when the abortion takes place is critical. I have no sympathy for someone who wants an abortion in the second trimester. Is the fetus a life yet? I don't know, but I'll err on the side of caution and say it's too late for an abortion.

    The problem with my logic, though, is that people inherently want a bright-line test that says "Ok, you can have an abortion 90 days after conception, but not 91" and we just can't get that specific.

    So, it's the woman's body, and I say let her do to/with it as she sees fit, within reason.

    I thoroughly enjoy your blog. Thanks for the thought-provoking posts, and comments.

  4. Dr. Lenny, I'll do you one better... if you're interested. I'd be happy to set you up so that you can post at Indie Castle. I looked over your blog and it's intersting stuff.

    My thing with Indie Castle is that it's a side line for me. I do the bulk of my political ranting at another blog. Indie Castle exists to scratch my powerful Independent itch. But, my goal is to make it less about my own brand of Independence and more about what a wide variety of Independents think and believe.

    Email me if you're interested.

    I gotta give a hearty ditto to Hamel here too. James, you consistently write stuff that makes me stop and think. And that is always a very good thing, regardless of whether I end up agreeing with your position or not.

  5. Anonymous3:15 PM PDT

    Kevin, I'll agree that sometimes I enjoy disagreeing. Not for a fight or such, but for the opportunity to see that my opinion holds true under attack. Sometimes I find that an opinion of mine has more holes in it than I realize, something I don't get if I only visit blogs and talk to those who agree with me.

  6. Whatever you think of abortion, consider how troubling it is for the state to involve itself in the intimate decisions of women concerning their bodies. It is not for me to dictate to a woman what degree of risk she should take on or to interfere in her personal sovereignty. You may be anti-abortion and urge people to eschew abortion and take peaceful steps to offer alternatives, but you do not have to exercise the extreme coercive control over women that anti-abortion legislation entails.