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Friday, August 05, 2005

Another Thought on Conspiracies

I don't know if a gangster has ever had an attack of conscience and "came forward." It seems that informants are almost always those who have been caught red-handed themselves and rat out their co-conspirators out of self-interest. But in any case, organized crime informants have the benefit of the Witness Protection Program.

Those who have inside knowledge of criminal wrongdoing in the government have no such protection. Unlike a gangster, a spook is already "protected," free from fear of prosecution. The ONLY thing that would put him and his family in danger is coming forward, voluntarily, out of principle and conscience.

"Hello, my name is John Smith. I oversaw the Kennedy assassinations. I commanded Chile's death squads. I ran child abductions and sex rings in order to blackmail congressmen. I'm sorry and I just wanted to get that all off my chest before I die."

Even granting that on a rare occasion, such a monster might repent, would the confession even see the light of day, or would it be suppressed? And would John Smith instead see his grand-daughter raped, or his son get suddenly die of a "heart attack?"

There is no "Witness Protection Program" for government spies, cops, bureaucrats, and politicians. No incentive - none - for them to come forward.

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