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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

A Question of Values

My latest at the Partial Observer. Excerpt:

If you want to believe something, you will always have enough evidence and you'll never be proven wrong. Two major terror attacks in the past two years - in Madrid and London - can be interpreted as proof that we're winning the War on Terror - "only two attacks, none on American soil." Or, it can prove that we are losing the War on Terror and that we can't win it. Terrorism can also prove that the terrorists hate us, our civilization, and our freedom - or it can prove that they just want us to end our occupation of their countries - the terrorists aren't attacking Sweden!

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  1. Values perhaps can be divides into morals and ethics. High standards in both is what we consider 'good' and low standards 'evil'. Yet in today's world - it seems okay to use situational ethics to justify instant ethics change for practical considerations (ie. a big score), then living to hide the shame - which generally seems easy since the corruption opportunity is often just there. But you must also live with yourself.
    But how can we allow people with crummy ethics like our current political caste, who take advantage of a situation only when opportunity stikes, to legislate morality, by which the 'fabric of society' is exposed? I question the jurisdiction of all politics and government - i stand sui juris - as myself.
    Of course - it is practical for me to follow all the current laws that will reign regulatory fury upon me - in my own self interest. i hold me responsible for everything, whether justified or not. Fortunately, I have the capacity to forgive myself quickly. But for others who are not so bold as to care, the question becomes - at what price glory? (which, is also a stevie nicks song line)