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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Talkin' About Flag Desecration Again, Man

Two articles in the same day from me. This one at LRC, The Government Wants You to Desecrate the Flag. Excerpt:

The Amendment gives us the worst of all worlds: it fails to protect state sovereignty, it diminishes individual liberty, and it grants more power to the federal government. All to "solve" a non-problem.

In an age of imperial war, police-state crackdowns, imported and illegal labor, exported jobs, and universities controlled by far-left radicals, you would think that anti-government demonstrations and acts of flag desecration would be on the rise. But no. Flag desecration is legal and tolerated, yet we almost never see it.

Which makes me think that the proposed amendment has sinister implications. A decade ago, in a relatively more peaceful and prosperous time, a Flag Desecration Amendment could be seen as a petty cause from the Stupid Wing of the conservative movement. Even if the Amendment got passed and was ratified by Congress, it would seemingly have little effect on most people’s tranquil lives. But today, as the intellectual and moral basis for the government’s policies crumble and things are getting worse, force is its one remaining weapon to maintain the people’s "support." Conformity and compliance that can not be achieved through persuasion will be imposed through force. Opponents of war and tyranny will question the legitimacy of the federal government itself, if they haven’t done so already. The feds know this, and are seeking new ways to marginalize and silence their opposition.

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  1. I don't generally follow the links off of Lew Rockwell but I just had to come over to thank you for an well written and important article in these seemingly dangerous times.