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Friday, June 17, 2005

Penn & Teller on the PATRIOT Act

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  1. Anonymous1:16 PM PDT

    I remember seeing (Libertarian) Penn Gillette in a TV debate with Ann Coulter. Because he was critical of the Prez, Annie kept calling him a "Liberal".

    That woman has as many brain cells as she does fat cells.


  2. Penn has a cameo role in the Johnny Depp / Raoul Duke movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - the ode to old Hunter S. . The magnitude of the piss on your shoes battle of the 60s has come home to roost here in the oughts 00s. All drug warriors need to watch hollyshit's take on drugs to understand why we have a drug war - humoring the masses while considering them asses only works until they take political control.
    Here where i live we have two highly righteous county commissioners that play well to the crowd. I consider their ability to win elections to be a response to elite urbanism that disrespects non-educated intellegance.
    The key is - only rocket science is rocket science. There is a lot of value in knowledge for knowledge sake, that can't be placed on paper. If it can't be placed on paper, then the government of the paper shufflers has no value assigned to it. This is a direct diss and is retributed with a direct diss back - we won't bother to demonstrate any ability if you insist we have none.
    All politics is local. grubberment needs to be local (if necessary - a different debate). Local in the sense that the closest level of decision making is to the people directly affected.
    As libertarians and independents, we need to start thinking for ourselves and insist that others think for themselves.
    Personally - i think the system is beyond hope and we will shortly have the anarchy that we had desired, freedom from an oppressive overstructure. the quicker we can move to a mises based free market system, the less time we will remain in the economic quagmire. But individuals cannot go it alone - so reading the net for info on other people's root strikes is necessary.
    See you in The Zone ... (where is rod serling when you need him? ... :-)