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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Michael Moriarty '08

The actor is building a new party and wants to run for President on an anti-UN platform.

And is saying some good things:

The freest continent, North America, must conceive of itself as the home of 330 million individual nation-states.

I've lived my life with the certainty that, after God and Mother Earth, there is nothing more powerful in the universe than the free, unique and independent human being. History has been largely a record of the directions certain enlightened or benighted individuals have taken, followed by the multitudes later on.


Federalism necessitates the immediate transformation of individual humans into numbers and statistics. A worldwide federalist body such as the UN views the combined death tolls brought on by genocide and ethnic cleansing as a welcome reduction in the global population. The UN's stated intent is to encourage a drastic reduction in the population of the Third World. Even the UN's vaunted peacekeeping self-image has proven more of a psychological torture chamber for brave Canadian soldiers in Africa and the former Yugoslavia. The UN wasn't really interested in ending the slaughter, only in managing it. Lump this criminal neglect into the UN's other favorite euphemism -- population control -- and you have the smell of tyrannical indifference to life, liberty and freedom.

I'm building a third, hopefully mainstream political party: The Realists. A third point of view is an absolute necessity to deal with America's gradual absorption into socialism's hegemony. The only recent and healthy presidential debate was when independent candidate Ross Perot and his Reform Party were there to ask a few hard questions and make edifying observations, back in the 1992 and 1996 U.S. presidential campaigns.

The Democratic and Republican parties have neglected some of the major building blocks to freedom contained in the U.S. Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights. In forthcoming editorials, I will endeavor to show why and how a bipartisan power-sharing plan has been devised in order to enable the slow and barely discernible transformation of our American Republic into a socialist federation.

As for becoming a presidential candidate in 2008, yes, I will throw my hat into the ring. I'm well aware that the founders of third political parties always prove to be their creation's greatest liability when they run for the presidency, but I'm declaring my candidacy anyway and would appreciate help from serious conservatives reading this editorial and agreeing with the opinions stated therein.

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