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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Why many insurgents are not Iraqi

Imagine it is 1983, except that the USA, while far stronger than its neighbors, is by no means a superpower. In fact, all of North America is weak. And a group of leading intellectuals in the USSR write a report on how that country can both advance its own interests and the interests of its far-away ally, Cuba.

The best way to advance the Soviet ideological and security interest, and the security interest of the ideological ally Cuba, is to transform the USA into a communist state. But immediate conquest is not feasible; it is better to strengthen Soviet presence by spreading communism to the USA’s smaller, weaker neighbors. So a time table is set for conquering Canada first, and then some countries in the Caribbean and Central America, and then Mexico, and then finally the “prize,” the USA.

This paper is leaked and made known worldwide. Further, its authors names are publicized. And then, in two years, those very people occupy some of the highest positions in the USSR. Meanwhile, while the USA is the strongest country in a North America that is hostile to Cuba, it is still relatively weak and impotent; no one has the means to defeat the Soviet War Machine.
And then the USSR invades Canada, just as the plan recommends.

What would Americans do? They can not defeat the USSR militarily in conventional warfare.
But many would voluntarily cross the border and fight the Communists, because they would know that defending Canada means defending America. And this would mean not only attacking the Soviet forces, but also the quislings in the new “Canadian” administration, courts, and military and police forces. It would mean “terrorist” attacks against this fake Canadian government, even though innocent people would be harmed and killed in such attacks. These dastardly deeds would be done - by Americans - in Canada, for the purpose of weakening and defeating the Soviet presence in Canada, disabling its ability to invade and occupy other countries, especially the USA.

We do not have to “understand” Islam or Arabic culture to have predicted what has transpired in Iraq over the past two years. It is only common sense. The United States's war on Iraq is essentially a war against all of the enemies of Israel, and all the enemies of Israel know it. Thus it would only make sense for the Syrian to fight the Americans in Iraq, rather than wait until the US invades his homeland.

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