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Friday, May 27, 2005

Go, Jamal, Go!

Fox Sports reports that Jamal Lewis is making the best of his time in prison.

I'm happy for him, and hopes he has a great year. And I hope he learned his lesson, which is, apparently, don't talk on a cell phone.

Whenever I hear of our military "protecting our freedom," I think of guys like Lewis and think, "What freedom?" If one of the best players in the NFL can be sent to prison even though he didn't even deal drugs, how many poorer, unknown schleps are sent down the river for equally bogus crimes and even harsher sentences?

Lewis gets out on June 2, then it's off for a two-month stint at a halfway house, and he'll be with the Ravens for training camp.

Part of me thinks that, even if I was in favor of the War on Drugs, I would still think that what happened to Lewis was atrocious. But I suspect that that would just trap me in a contradiction. I would soon discover that if the War on Drugs was waged with any respect for justice, there would not even be a War on Drugs.

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